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Saturday 23 December 2023

Koleda Festivities in Blagovia



 Another year has past in Blagovia, and all is well. Even though it's cold and rainy in the Imperial Duchy, Christmas is the air, and the final preparations for the day are being done. The shops are still open, and the markets are busy as folks buy the last things for their Christmas feast. The soldiers are in their barracks, and those lucky enough to have been given leave are now home with their loved ones.  Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, the shop keepers will close early and people will retire to their homes, have a light meal, perhaps even a nap, and then go to midnight mass. The single young men and women, along with the children, will take part in Koleda activities: dressing up in funny costumes, singing, dancing, playing instruments, and going from door to door in hope of receiving sweets or a small coin. Then at midnight they will go to the town square, or just outside the village, and light a massive bonfire and welcome Christmas with music and dancing.  

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