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Saturday, 24 December 2022

It's been some time since I've posted here. Live has proceeded and many changes have taken place in the last two years. Births and deaths, changes of all types. Wargaming has come to halt, although I have been looking various rule sets, and thinking of my next battles.

Blagovia, unlike the "real world," has largely stayed peaceful and unchanged. Leutonia has been focusing its attention on tiny Nabburg to the north and has essentially ignored its southern neighbour. His Grace has been, surprisingly, prudent and has not interfered with his northern neighbours' quarrel. Fortunately full scale warfare has not yet broken out and with the exception of a some musket shots fired, now and then, on the border, it has largely been a war of words.

The winter cold has firmly settled over land this Christmas Eve and the air is filled with snowflakes and the perfume of wood fires. The coffee houses and taverns are filled with men trying to keep warm, and discussing the latest news. These will soon empty and families will start gathering and making their way to churches for the midnight mass. Tomorrow will be a day of feasting and good cheer.



Merry Christmas from the Imperial Duchy of Blagovia. 




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