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Thursday, 31 December 2020

Happy New Year


It's been a long and tiresome year. With the ever-present Covid threat dominating our lives, things this year have been interesting to say the least. Working in a sector that has been declared "essential" by local authorities I was not subjected to the mandatory lockdown as so many other were. Although the lack of cars on the road made the daily commute wonderful, to say the least, the other elements of the daily grind became tiresome quickly. Long line ups for groceries, coupled the shortages due to irrational hoarding in March and April quickly wore on one's nerves. However the panic quickly resolved itself and things started to settle down into the "new normal." Although not directly affected by Covid, I was indirectly. I took a major fall at work, which resulted in several months of extensive physiotherapy. Fortunately, I made a full recovery and was able to avoid the surgery that seemed so likely in the Spring. As the summer progressed and a light appeared to be at the end of the tunnel, things went south quickly

–again. A resurgence of the virus starting closing things down again, and I suffered another injury in the fall; this time to my left shoulder. A visit to the specialist is scheduled for January, and again, surgery seems very likely.  I for one cannot wait for this year to end! At least I am not scheduled to return to work in the short term.


No units got painted this year. With "real life" being front and centre I just didn't have any desire pick up a brush until just recently –a week before Christmas in fact. So the Imperial Duchy has enjoyed a relatively peaceful year as a result of my inattention. On the hobby front I'm focused on building some 1/35 armour. Hopefully, I will visit the Duchy early in the New Year, and see what his Grace has been up to.


I hope everyone has a great year in 2021, and that the worst is behind us. 


Happy New Year