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Friday, 2 February 2018

Production Begins.

I’ve cleaned up and primed the miniatures and now on to painting. Surprisingly, this only took a couple of hours as the castings are crisp with no flash to speak of, and a few very light mould lines. I really am quite pleased with the level of detail that these figures have. They should be fun to paint, and given the relatively simple scheme, quick. I’m not sure whether to go with red trousers or blue. Although, there is the Bethlen Regiment which, according to Kronoskaf, had light brown trousers and dolman.

1st Blagovian Regiment (nee Bethlen Regt)

Not the best of pictures, but here they are ready for the bench.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

The troops are here.

Huzzah! The RSM95 miniatures I ordered have arrived, a pleasant surprise after a long day at work, and a miserable, cold and snowy one outside. The miniatures are wonderful, and should paint up very well. I will definitely be ordering more form DPC, an excellent and thoroughly professional retailer. My package was shipped immediately after payment was processed, and arrived quickly. Thank you Rich! 

His Grace, Duke Borislav V, was most pleased as well! I’ll spend the next few days cleaning them up and priming all 36 before I decide what scheme to go with, and what size base to use. More on this next post.