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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Reinforcements have arrived!

A quick update tonight. I received my order from Baccus today, -24 Prussian Musketeers, 12 Jaegers, and 8 cannons and crew. With these, new troops I now have enough miniatures to complete all of my Imagi-Nation armies in 6mm. I have begun gluing the miniatures to painting sticks, in preparation for priming and final painting. My terrain board has been prepped, and is ready for painting and flocking; hopefully this will be done by Friday. Not much longer now and I will be able to start fighting some battles!

Friday, 9 August 2019

Status Update

After a slight delay, due to some construction and repairs at Festung Borislav, my 6mm project is progressing at full steam. Having finished basing another 8 units -5 battalions of infantry, a regiment of dragoons, and two batteries of artillery, I decided to tackle some terrain. A first for me as I have never bothered to build any in the past, being content to use books, boxes, and whatever else was at hand to represent the required features. I first built a series of rural houses out of blue insulation and card stock, enough to make a village, and a couple of single farmsteads. They look quite nice if I say so myself, and I am certainly happy with them. However, I think I will probably switch to 3mm printed card buildings going forward, as they provide a better "strategic scale" aesthetic in relation the 6mm troops, and have exquisitely printed features that make the tabletop setup really "pop." I next made a good sized hill with Styrofoam, and some modular river and road pieces using pieces of linoleum tile, and card stock, respectively. Once these are painted I will turn my attention to a bridge or two, and then the actual game board. I think that I will just do a single 2'x2' board for now, and add further boards as needed. The beauty of 6mm is that 2'x2' is plenty of room to have a relatively large battle on, with enough room to manoeuvre.

All in all I am quite excited with how this project is coming along, and I hope to have my first game with all of the newly painted troops and built terrain in the next week or so. I hope to get around to posting some photos in the next few days, but if truth be told I am not happy with most of the pictures I take, as I only have my cell phone camera which often leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to clarity at such a small scale.