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Saturday 23 December 2023

Koleda Festivities in Blagovia



 Another year has past in Blagovia, and all is well. Even though it's cold and rainy in the Imperial Duchy, Christmas is the air, and the final preparations for the day are being done. The shops are still open, and the markets are busy as folks buy the last things for their Christmas feast. The soldiers are in their barracks, and those lucky enough to have been given leave are now home with their loved ones.  Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, the shop keepers will close early and people will retire to their homes, have a light meal, perhaps even a nap, and then go to midnight mass. The single young men and women, along with the children, will take part in Koleda activities: dressing up in funny costumes, singing, dancing, playing instruments, and going from door to door in hope of receiving sweets or a small coin. Then at midnight they will go to the town square, or just outside the village, and light a massive bonfire and welcome Christmas with music and dancing.  

Saturday 24 December 2022

It's been some time since I've posted here. Live has proceeded and many changes have taken place in the last two years. Births and deaths, changes of all types. Wargaming has come to halt, although I have been looking various rule sets, and thinking of my next battles.

Blagovia, unlike the "real world," has largely stayed peaceful and unchanged. Leutonia has been focusing its attention on tiny Nabburg to the north and has essentially ignored its southern neighbour. His Grace has been, surprisingly, prudent and has not interfered with his northern neighbours' quarrel. Fortunately full scale warfare has not yet broken out and with the exception of a some musket shots fired, now and then, on the border, it has largely been a war of words.

The winter cold has firmly settled over land this Christmas Eve and the air is filled with snowflakes and the perfume of wood fires. The coffee houses and taverns are filled with men trying to keep warm, and discussing the latest news. These will soon empty and families will start gathering and making their way to churches for the midnight mass. Tomorrow will be a day of feasting and good cheer.



Merry Christmas from the Imperial Duchy of Blagovia. 




Thursday 31 December 2020

Happy New Year


It's been a long and tiresome year. With the ever-present Covid threat dominating our lives, things this year have been interesting to say the least. Working in a sector that has been declared "essential" by local authorities I was not subjected to the mandatory lockdown as so many other were. Although the lack of cars on the road made the daily commute wonderful, to say the least, the other elements of the daily grind became tiresome quickly. Long line ups for groceries, coupled the shortages due to irrational hoarding in March and April quickly wore on one's nerves. However the panic quickly resolved itself and things started to settle down into the "new normal." Although not directly affected by Covid, I was indirectly. I took a major fall at work, which resulted in several months of extensive physiotherapy. Fortunately, I made a full recovery and was able to avoid the surgery that seemed so likely in the Spring. As the summer progressed and a light appeared to be at the end of the tunnel, things went south quickly

–again. A resurgence of the virus starting closing things down again, and I suffered another injury in the fall; this time to my left shoulder. A visit to the specialist is scheduled for January, and again, surgery seems very likely.  I for one cannot wait for this year to end! At least I am not scheduled to return to work in the short term.


No units got painted this year. With "real life" being front and centre I just didn't have any desire pick up a brush until just recently –a week before Christmas in fact. So the Imperial Duchy has enjoyed a relatively peaceful year as a result of my inattention. On the hobby front I'm focused on building some 1/35 armour. Hopefully, I will visit the Duchy early in the New Year, and see what his Grace has been up to.


I hope everyone has a great year in 2021, and that the worst is behind us. 


Happy New Year


Monday 20 April 2020

Happy Easter

In this time of uncertainty and pandemics, His Grace would like to wish you all a safe and happy Easter.

Things have ground to halt in Blagovia as the Duchy is, like everywhere else, in a state of lock down. The Blagovian Grenadiers have been ordered to patrol the streets of Starigrad, and anyone who is caught breaking the curfew, or traveling in town without the proper papers, will, by the order of His Grace, be summarily shot. The Blagovian Hussars are keeping an eye on the border with Luetonia, and a Battalion of the Battenbergers has been sent to the border of the Banat of Tôtûn-Bey
Let us all hope that this will soon pass.

Tuesday 31 December 2019

Happy New Year

The New Year approaches, and there is a sense of excitement in the air. The rumours of an imminent invasion of Nabburg by Luetonia are rampant. Even Blagovia has heard that something is afoot, and the coffee shops of Starigrad are rife with speculation and conspiracy theories, to borrow a contemporary term. However, the one thing no one has been able to answer is how Luetonia will invade, seeing as they do not share a border with Nabburg...

I would like wish everyone a Happy New Year, and I hope that 2020 is  a grand year for all visitors to Blagovia.

Happy New Year

Thursday 26 December 2019

Merry Christmas

Christmas morning in Blagovia

 As winter settles in it's time for feasts, a gathering of families, and reflection. Although it has been quiet on the blog front, things have been busy in Blagovia, Nabburg, Luetonia, and all the other Imagi-Nations in that part of Central Europe where Duke Borislav, and King Schmenge call home.  Rumours of war, and intrigues are ripe, and it looks as the upcoming year may be one of conflict. More on that later... For now, His Grace wishes all of you, and yours, a wonderful holiday, and a Merry Christmas!

Monday 11 November 2019

Rememberance Day

As Roger Waters brilliantly wrote in "Free Four"

The memories of a man in his old age
Are the deeds of a man in his prime.

This wonderful poster from the Royal Canadian Legion sums this up perfectly.

Lest We Forget.