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Thursday, 12 July 2018


In keeping with the Nabburg theme here are some flags that I have come up with based, in some cases, on historical examples:

Civil Flag

 Rarely carried into battle, it is sometimes used by Jäger Battalions in an unofficial capacity, as they don't usually carry colours.

Ducal Flag

 Only carried by the 1.Leibgarde, and the  1.Nabburger Grenadiere.

Infantry Flags

Grenadier Kompaniefahnen

 Since the Grenadiers are organised into a single regiment, and not dispersed amongst infantry regiments, they have their own regimental colour (Kompaniefahnen)

IR.1 Kompaniefahnen

  Nabburg infantry regiments carry the same flag, with their particular regimental number stitched to the bottom of the flag.

Colonel colour (Leibfahne)

Nabburg Infantry Regiments do not carry a Leibfahne.



The Nabburg Artillery Corps (Artilleriekorps) were given their colours only recently, and they signify the importance that Duke Heinrich attaches to this branch of service.


  1. Thank you Allan. Good old MS Paint is incredibly handy when designing flags.